“You can’t really fix burnout or put a timeline on the recovery process. As I am writing this, I am still knee-deep in my own recovery. Making these collages is only one small step in reconnecting with what brings me joy. There are other non-creative activities I do to heal myself, such as spending time with loved ones, journalling and exercising. And most importantly, saying no as much as I can, and prioritising rest.”

A piece on burnout / APR ‘22
the roots of jadedness
Afraid that I cannot create anymore.

Being jealous/envious of other’s upbeat energy, honeymoon phases of creation makes me feel like a wrung out piece of cloth, expired good? Solution? Talk to them, you will realise they are going thru the same sentiments as you. Even worse? That’s how I feel about you Beverley.

I know this is not the truth - it’s just how it feels sometimes.
the roots of fear
Do you know what’s truly inconsequential? Having a following on instagram. Social media success is fleeting. It’s not Not important - it’s just fleeting, unreal. Traditional work ethics and good reputation, having work experiences are still vital, lack thereof reveals the things you are lacking - being a team player, how to relate to others, and surprisingly, a very real sense of comfort when you are told you are not expected to perform at a ridiculously high level. People at work are way more forgiving and tolerant of your own mistakes than yourself - because you have set the bar for yourself insanely high before - social media success/reputation leaves such little room to fuck up privately and to do genuinely bad/ugly things.
the roots of anxiety
Experiencing grief and loss - heartbreaks, losing close friends, leaving a job, deaths of people you used to know.