Design for exhibitions at The Substation.


Piak Piak Place (2020)

The Substation’s PiakPiakPlace Insta-Comic Competition invited Singaporeans to celebrate their struggles and contestation for space with a healthy dose of satire and self-deprecating humour. What happens when spatial boundaries between the private and the public are blurred? How can we make room for staircase romps, e-scooter riders, and unauthorised picnics amidst increasingly privatised spaces and placemaking initiatives?

Rejects (2019)

The Salon des Refusés was a famed exhibition of works rejected by the authorising Paris Salon in 1863. The Substation commemorated Singapore Night Festival 2019 with a celebration of rejection by holding an open call for rejected proposals and artworks. All artworks are exhibited. 

Space Oddities (2019)

Zhiyi Cao and Divaagar are the featured artists whose works enact the in-betweenness inherent within systems of encounter in posture and place.